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PROGEPI and the LRGP were present at the MemPro 6 congress, dedicated to membrane technologies, from 7 to 9 June 2017 in Saint-Malo, to promote the MEMSIC software.

The MEMSIC software makes it possible to simulate the membrane separation of a multicomponent gas mixture depending on the pressure, temperature, incoming flow, the nature of the components … It is available as a CAPE-OPEN module compatible with process simulation software (Aspen, Hysys, Pro / II, PROSIM, …) or in a standalone form. Different permeation and flow models are offered, as well as options to take into account the pressure drop in the module and / or thermal effects.

Thanks to the coupling with the process simulation software, the MEMSIC software allows the optimization of the operating parameters. It is also provided with a database of permeability coefficients, of more than 5000 references.

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