The PROCESSlab team objective is to promote and develop innovation for industrials, by testing, evaluating, developing innovative processes, traitement solutions and methods tools.

The research services also benefits to companies looking for expertise in the field of process engineering.

The specificity of this R & D department is to rely on the expertise and equipment of the laboratories located at the ENSIC site (Nancy), whose are the LRGP (Laboratory Reaction and Process Engineering) and the LCPM (Macromolecular Physical Chemistry Laboratory).

The services are provided by a project team made up of engineers from the structure and researchers from the partner laboratories specializing in the field, whom elaborate the proposals (study objectives, cost, deadline) and carry out tailor-made studies.

Collaboration nature and content are defined according to the needs of each industrial, and can take various forms: from bibliographic study to experimental testing and modeling / simulation.

All our exchanges are under cover of confidentiality. The signature of a confidentiality agreement will be proposed to you before the exchanges.