Bioprocesses – Biomolecules

We have expertise in the field of processes applied to health, food and environmental sectors.

Themes are mainly focused on societal issues such as white biotechnologies (Chemical inputs by fermentation, functionalized molecules, bio protein refinery), membrane processes (separation of complex mixtures of biomolecules), sensors (real-time monitoring of bioprocesses), genomic engineering (live catalyst subjected to process constraints), technologies for the imaging of the living and cancer treatment (functionalized nanoparticles), molecules production for therapeutic purposes (animal cells), cellular and tissue engineering (Stem cell expansion).

These skills are based on a variety of equipment:

  • Mini-bioreactors of animal cells culture
  • Controlled fermenters
  • Microscope with on-line image analyzer
  • Preparative low pressure chromatography
  • Liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis coupled to spectrometry