Experimental test

PROGEPI proposes a wide range of experimental tests by setting up customized pilots, engineered by the LRGP mechanical workshop.

The achievement of these laboratory tests enables to understand the phenomena involved or to test the influence of various parameters in order to optimize a process. Different scales can be studied.

In partnership with the LRGP, PROGEPI offers analysis and characterization services:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Laser granulometry (dry and wet process)
  • True density measurement by helium pycnometer (cell 10 or 100 cm3)
  • Specific surface area by BET method
  • Measurement of EMI, TMI and explosion severity (Kst, Pmax, and DP / Dt)
  • Measurement of particle drop velocity
  • Establishment of flow curves
  • Thermodynamic equilibrium measurements (more info)
  • Measurement of permeability coefficients, solubility and diffusivity of polymer material (film)