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Modeling approaches at different scales: from their development to their applications
For most of them, applications covered by process engineering involve physical, biological and chemical phenomena, the time and space scales of which cover a broad spectrum, potentially from the molecule, to the reactor, To that of the territory.

Optimization of the process under consideration requires to develop and apply new modeling approaches and numerical simulation that will improve understanding of a given scale or multi-scale interactions, where appropriate.

Presentations made during this day will focus on presenting, in a didactic way, the approaches implemented, the most recent developments, scientific and numerical barriers, as well as the practical applications of process engineering modeling approaches.

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TEBIS day in Metz on 2-3-4 October 2017

The 6th Workshop “Ecological and Biological Traits of Soil Organisms” (TEBIS) will take place in Metz (Bridoux campus, University of Lorraine) from 2 to 4 October 2017.

Through these annual days, the national TEBIS network aims to:

  • Continue to structure a network of people (researcher, managers, …) interested in the use of the functional traits of soil organisms (both fauna and microbial organisms)
  • Present the major issues and results of their projects through communication sessions
  • Continue to develop methodologies related to the use and measurement of functional traits of soil organisms
  • Initiate, among others, projects, responses to calls for tenders, articles or opinion papers in specific workshops

The detailed program of these days and the content of the scientific sessions are now available.

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Join us at the 16th Congress of the French Society of Process Engineering

The French Society of Process Engineering (SFGP) Brings together, at the French level, professionals working in the field of process engineering : researchers and teachers-researchers, industrialists and suppliers from all business sector: chemistry, petroleum, pharmacy, cosmetics, food processing, stationery, metallurgy, water treatment … It has about 500 members.

Every two years, the French Congress of Process Engineering takes place, during which SFGP members present their work and exchange on various themes. Thus the next congress will be held in Nancy, from 11 to 13 July 2017, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the French Society of Process Engineering. Find out more
On this occasion, Progepi presents the work that it carried out within the framework LORVER project in collaboration with the laboratory LRGP.

This project, supported by the Greater East Region and the European Union (FEDER), is intended to create a non-food plant biomass production sector through the use of degraded sites and industrial by-products. It brings together a consortium of private companies and Lorraine scientific research laboratories. In this project, PROGEPI is in charge of the realization of the Life Cycle Analysis, of the developed sectors.

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The Scientific Workshops of the Carnot Institute ICEEL

The Institut Carnot ICEEL is a federative structure labeled by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, which brings together 23 laboratories, technical centers and transfer centers, to offer an interdisciplinary research partnership adapted to the needs of industry and local authorities.

PROGEPI is a member of the Carnot Energy and Environment Institute in Lorraine (ICEEL), in recognition of its effective research collaboration with socio-economic partners.

On June 13th, the ICEEL Scientific Workshops were scheduled, where each member of the Institute was able to present his research projects, in order to develop cross-partnerships. This year the main thread of the day was around the theme of additive manufacturing.

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Back on MEMPRO6

PROGEPI and the LRGP were present at the MemPro 6 congress, dedicated to membrane technologies, from 7 to 9 June 2017 in Saint-Malo, to promote the MEMSIC software.

The MEMSIC software makes it possible to simulate the membrane separation of a multicomponent gas mixture depending on the pressure, temperature, incoming flow, the nature of the components … It is available as a CAPE-OPEN module compatible with process simulation software (Aspen, Hysys, Pro / II, PROSIM, …) or in a standalone form. Different permeation and flow models are offered, as well as options to take into account the pressure drop in the module and / or thermal effects.

Thanks to the coupling with the process simulation software, the MEMSIC software allows the optimization of the operating parameters. It is also provided with a database of permeability coefficients, of more than 5000 references.

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Back on the days Polluted Sites and Soils of ADEME, 10 & May 11

These days were an opportunity to present the results of research projects in the field of:

  • Characterization of environments, contamination and its impacts
  • Assessment of exposures and soil pollution effects on health and ecosystems

in order to facilitate the integration of polluted sites and wasteland into urban strategies.

About twenty research projects, either ongoing or completed, were presented as well as their potential for operational transfer to end users.

In particular, Pierre Faure, a researcher at the University of Lorraine at the LIEC (Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Continental Environments), presented the MEMOTRACES project in order to improve understanding of the mechanisms of mobilization and transfer of oxygenated CAP In groundwater and soil.

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